Solar Road Stud

The biggest cause of accident is invisibility in the night.

The small headlights of your car are the only things that help you to foresee a danger in the total darkness.

Have you ever seen flashing road studs in your country?

Solar Road Studs means the studs for roads
which flash automatically in the dark, charging electricity by solar panel and battery.

In this tiny box, all the whole system is built in to guide drivers to the safe way back home
during the night.

Solar Road Stud

Our factories in Japan have an international standard in quality and
environmental management.

We manufacture many products suitable for
diverse conditions of roads.

Solar Road Stud
One of the reasons of an accident on a highway
at night, is that you miss a curve in the dark.
It is difficult to tell how sharp the curve ahead of you is, if you depend on the mere headlights of your car.

Solar Road Stud
Many of the accidents that occur at crossroads are collision accidents.
When driving in the total darkness,
you might miss an intersection even on a road you are familiar with during the day.

Solar Road Stud

The solar studs for stop lines are effective right before entering an intersection or a speed bump.
An accident “inside of” an intersection quite often becomes a catastrophe.



Aug 2016 We participated in a TICAD
May 2016 Some of 'Solar Road Studs' upgrade
Mar 2011 Installed our LED system in a Kyoto Temple
Jan 2011 Acquire ISO9000 and ISO14000
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