Solar Road Stud For Stop-Line



The solar studs for stop lines are effective right before entering an intersection or a speed bump. An accident ginside ofh an intersection quite often becomes a catastrophe.


Solar Road Stud For Speed Bumps


To prevent that, at the stop line before an intersection, it is important to install both the stud for crossroad and the stud for stop line.
The solar studs for stop lines are also useful for speed bumps.

For Stop-Line (Speed bump) Mirror-less model

There are several other manufacturers of solar studs. However, they all use a gmirrorh to reflect LED light of their product. We, on the other hand, invented a new mirror-less type to realize the most important purpose of solar studs: To flash brighter and farther.
The solar road studs for stop lines and for speed-bump are same products.

Product Type For Bumps,Stop-Line ( Mirror less model)
Product Type MCB-04OL
Installation Site  Speed Bumps , Stop-Line
Outer Dimension/Weight  152*148*70(mm)/1.3kg
In-Ground Depth   150mm
Hight from Ground   5mm
Waterproof  JIS C0920 7class 
 Battery Electoric Double-Layer Capacitor 
 Top of table Clear 
 Light Emitter Led colar  Selectable
( Yellow,Orange,Red,White,Bule,Green ) 
Quantity 4pcs ( 4light on 1sides )
Brightness   8000mcd
 Method  Simultaneous Flashing
Flashing Frequency  about 240 times/minute 
Operation Period   Night Time (about 15hours)






Pionner of Solar Road Stud is TsujiPlastics